Monday, April 20, 2009

What is Grass Paint?

Lately, grass painting has been receiving a lot of press because of the poor real estate market. Several areas of the country have a huge foreclosure problem and lawn painting businesses are popping up offering green grass painting services in an effort to improve the appearance of vacant properties.

What is lawn paint made of?

Technically, the product is not paint but actually a non-toxic green dye that is sprayed onto the lawn to change the grass color back to green. The grass paint is highly concentrated and you vary the darkness of green by altering the dye to water ratio Pro athletic teams and golf courses use grass paint all the time and have been doing so for decads. Only in the past few years have people begun to use grass painting on their front yards and lawns of business properties.

There are several advantages to lawn paint. Grass paint is a super way to quickly improve the curb appeal appearance of a yard by masking the ugly dormant grass. The lawn paint leaves the lawn lush and green. The lawn paint is harmless to the pets, humans, and most of all the lawn. The grass dye dries in less than one hour, lasts up to three months or until mowed, and best of all, it does not wash off and requires no watering.

Is grass paint the ultimate solution for ugly dormant grass?

Grass painting is quickly catching on with residential and commercial property. Many reasons for lawn painting can be identified. The horrible real estate market being the most obvious. Homes are taking longer to sell and many properties are vacant and abandoned which leaves the yards in poor condition, ultimately dragging down the values of neighboring properties. Also tighter water restrictions in some communities is causing many usually green lawns to look tired and brown. Who wouldn't want a green lawn with no maintenance.

The alternate processes of reseeding or purchasing new green grass sod is laborious, time-consuming, and expensive. By far the fastest and easiest way to improve the lawn's appearance paint it with green dye. With the prospect of the grass paint lasting up to three months, that is often the time needed for a struggling homeowner or reluctant lienholder to sell a property.

So now that you know what grass paint is, it may be time for you to go get some and turn that ugly brown grass back to beautiful green grass with lawn paint.